Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jesus is God

Jesus is GOD

Jesus is God, He is named above all
He is the King and the Lord, our Salvation and more
He is all that you need and should be looking for
When He comes with wrath his mouth is as a two edged sword
The powers in His hands, Jesus created the land
Many will die as the number of the sands
So don't be deceived by the mark of the beast
Give Jesus all the Glory and be ready for His feast
The last shall be first and the first shall be least
So pray for salvation and repent from your sin
Because Jesus will soon battle and we know who will win
The evil will go down into the pit of hell
So be careful what you do because even the angel's fell
how I love you Jesus your my everlasting peace
You give me hope during a storm you make me fall to my knees
Jesus your perfect blood is the blood that sets us free
You died on the cross, suffered and paid the debt for me
Our life shall be saved by His mercy and grace
Everyone will see His glory shining in our face

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Love for Jesus

The Love for Jesus

How great is Jesus that he would give his life in perfectness to come down to the earth where there is so much distruction and sin. The hate and pain that not only is occurring now because His children are being disobedient and choosing sin over His eternal love, peace and happiness with Him. But to be brutally beatened, degrated, abused in everyway and crucified.
To continually give us chances to repent and turn once and for all to Him permenantly, instead we are luke warm and choose our fleshly desires that will cause us eternal pain and suffering.
Jesus is so great...Oh how I long to have His heart and love that He has for us sinners. He never points His finger but offers us a way out. He never changes His mind to accept us but offers us eternity with great joy and love. Jesus is so good to us and we are so blinded by sin that we do not see His blessings, gifts and love he pours apon us.
How many people on earth died and took much torture and abuse for your sake to see you have a happy life?? God gives to us freely and we accept with our hands open for the taking. So self centered are we that God has to do this for us. But His love is unchangable and He longs for our relationship with only Him. How great is our God!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rolling in water with JESUS

Rolling in water with JESUS
this is a dream I had in July of 2006 about JESUS........

I was standing in front of two tall master wooden type doors. There was an angel on the left of me guiding me closer to the door. I did not look to my left but I knew it was an angel and that through the double doors I need to enter. All of a sudden the doors slowly opened with the brightest light you can imagine. But the light was completely harmonious, warm, peaceful, soft, extremly bright with no uncomfortableness at all. In all the brightness I seen an image of a man. It was JESUS standing infront of me. Right then I knew the bright light that shined throughout was HIS glory. JESUS was dressed in a white garment that was to his feet, HE had a gold lach belt on that hung from his waist with streamers on the end of the part that was hanging. He was beautiful, he had clearity and purity in his face unlike I have ever scene. His hair was a light to light medium brown, shoulder length with very small amount of wave to it. When I seen him in front of me I felt the scense that he was waiting for me and was happy that I was finally there with HIM. He reached out for my hand, as I grabbed HIS I instantly knew everything HE was saying and he knew what I was thinking without us speaking aloud. As JESUS and I are holding hands we turn around. We were in a beautiful land high up, I was looking at a large portion of the area from a mountains view. The land we were looking at was the most beautiful I have ever seen, so green and colorful. Peaceful and Perfect is the best way I can discribe where we were. As JESUS is holding my hand he is taking me up to the edge where we were standing and overlooking. I started to get frightened and JESUS begain to speak to me in my mind saying "Have 100 percent faith in me", "Your with me now", "Have full faith". I realized we were going to jump off this high mountain. As I am looking down I see a beautiful lake that is still, so still it looks like a mirrored reflection. As JESUS is holding my hand we walk off the edge as we are falling I started to get frightened and then in my mind JESUS reinsured me and I immediately told my self to have 100 percent faith. The fall was like we were floating down, I was not frightened at all anymore. We landed into the water. As JESUS and I are still holding hands in the water, we were peacefully rolling with the current. JESUS was with me the whole time, the water was the most beautiful color of greens as we are rolling under water a beautiful light was glowing from above and beaming through the water. The water was perfect in tempature.
I feel JESUS was showing me that if you have all faith in me then you will be set free and have peace. You will really see my glory shine if you stay.....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Fragrance of Christ to Every Person

A Fragrance of Christ to Every Person-Provide by:

Now thanks be to God who... through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To the one we are the aroma of death to death, and to the other the aroma of life to life. (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)
The fragrance of Christ is one of the great characteristics that God wants to build into our lives by His grace. "Now thanks be to God who...through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge." This spiritual aroma, which results from getting to know the Lord, blesses the heart of God. "For we are to God the fragrance of Christ." The Father loves to see the life of His Son being expressed in and through our humanity, even though this requires our dying to self. "For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus' sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh" (2 Corinthians 4:11) .

As we are getting to know the Lord more and more, our God is not the only one who is impacted. This spiritual aroma of Christ impacts every person we meet. "God...through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place." This includes both the saved and the unsaved. "For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."

This fragrance affects those who know the Lord: "the fragrance of Christ...among those who are being saved." For those who are enjoying life in Christ, that heavenly scent in our lives is "the aroma of life to life." Christ's fragrance in us draws them to seek in abundance that life which they have entered.

This spiritual scent also influences those who do not yet know our Lord: "the fragrance of Christ...among those who are perishing." To them it is "the aroma of death to death." They are dead in their sins, and this aroma makes them more aware of their deadness, more aware of their need for Christ.

When this fragrance is emanating from our lives, we are not the cause. God is the active agent, working in and through us to bring forth this heavenly scent. "Now thanks be to God who...through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge." This work of God's grace is available to us every day we live and every place we go: "the fragrance of His knowledge in every place."

Father God, I long to know You more and more. I want to have this fragrance of Christ emanating up to You and out to every one I meet. I praise You that this a work that You do by Your grace. So, I humbly bow, trusting You to work in me this way, through Christ, my Lord, Amen.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Faith for Jesus

Have faith in all you do
Make God your golden rule
Jesus is coming just for you
so be thankful in God he is just and true
Without faith you have nothing
you will always be searching for something
unsatisfied with no hope
but with Jesus you will cope
Jesus endored the pain
with you in mind so much to gain
faith is like water to a plant
allowing it to grow
what you reap you will surley sow

In the Hand of God

Dreams about Jesus are so wonderful.......Here is one I was blessed by that I wanted to share with you.

I was on a very tall building, like a sky scraper. I remember there were alot of people around socializing. I was on the roof of this tall building sitting on a chair that had wheels. My chair was on top of some sort of box. There was a lady next to me that kept moving. Making my chair slip a little bit at a time off the box. The roof I was on was the width of the box I was sitting on, so I knew if I moved in anyway I would fall to my death. The lady next to me kept moving around, I remember being scared and frustrated, wanting this women to stop moving because my chair was slipping off this box. All of a sudden she moved once more and I fell. I was falling very fast and it seemed as if I was heavy, which was causing me to fall faster. My heart felt like it was going to explode, my stomach had that awful falling feeling. Suddenly a little more than half of the fall from the length of the building I called upon God saying "Jesus Christ". With much confidence. Knowing when I called out to "Jesus Christ" that I had a sense that I should have done this the moment I fell so I wouldn't have to bear it this long. As soon as I called upon God I felt his hand under my entire body, He was holding me in His hand. It was as if I was floating down with so much peace and security slowly. My father was carrying me in the palm of His hand...Suddenly I stopped a few inches from the ground but was not touching the ground, there was people around but they did not see God's hand holding me. Everyone looked as if I was just floating in mid air....They stood around and marveled as I lay there in the Hand of My God Jesus Christ..................

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Giving Thanks to Jesus

Giving Thanks to Jesus

I have realize over the last month how amazing God is for constantly accepting my self absorption. I finally decide to give my life to Christ and realize I am doing it wrong in a sense. I want to pray to God, read his word and worship him daily but why do I always tend to use the great "I" word in all "I" do? For example...... I find my prayers wanting and receiving but not always giving to Him. When I read the bible why do I feel like God has to show me something or I have to get something out of it. When I sing to him have you ever felt like you were not feeling the Holy Spirit at any time?
But through this all, I know the right way is to read, pray and worship. So what is not all glorious about what I am doing or how I am doing it? Because in all we do is to give back to God, to let his glory shine for His purpose not our own. So what now??
I have decided to continue my prayers, reading the bible and worshipping my Jesus but I have set a time in the day for His glory and His thanksgiving only.. God knows in order for us to do his purpose, His will we need to be like Christ in all we do. The only way that is possible is through the strength of our Father, Son and the comforter(Holy Spirit). We can not do anything of God's will if it was not for his touch in our lives. So I know it is crucial for us to pray for the needs we have for we are God's children and he wants us to go to Him for all things.
But for me to separate my prayers, worship and reading strictly for Him and not me is Glorious. To pray only for all the reasons why I love Him and am thank full for what He has done in my life. From the world and the way he created it to the person I am and who He has given me. All things. To be able to sing to Him and for Him only is joyful. To read the bible to see his love, grace, mercy and all the goodness He has. To pray to Jesus to let him know how great He is in all is much pleasure. Just to be able to give back and not always take from our giving God Almighty is so wonderful!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

John 3:16

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Christina Hancock: Come Lord Jesus Come

Christina Hancock: Come Lord Jesus Come- This site has some Poems for Jesus, thoughts to ponder on, great links to music artist/good christian books/important and informative links for Christ, great pictures showing God's creation and much more...........Feel free to comment or send me an email with any feed back you may have....Thank you for visiting and may the Lord fill your life with his purpose for you.....

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Christina Hancock: Time to get close

A site of Hope & Inspiration

Christina Hancock: Through the Struggles

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Through the Struggles

We all tend to struggle
It always seems like the hardships just double
When where at our lowest point
Is when the Lord gives us the true anoint
Don't be discouraged for we all fall
Just get right back up and stand tall
Many will judge with no true right at all
But remember God is the only one who will judge us all
He will comfort you to the fullest
And make you warm when you're the coldest
So even though you feel your lowest
To him your sin is not noticed
Your heart will conquer all and he knows it
Try not to focus on the bad and remember his love
For he loves you so much he gave his innocent blood
Just for you down deep you know it's true
The snake wants Gods children to take
So he gives you people that are disrupted and fake
Draw closer to Jesus and he promises he will never forsake
We will all fall shortThat's when we have to learn from our mistakes
So now is the time for God let us not hesitate
It will only get worse the further we are
Time goes by so fast soon we will be so far
Away from our Lord Jesus Christ
Let's not let his death be a vain sacrifice
For he loves you, you're his child
When you ask for an inch he gives a mile
So don't be lied to by the one
Who is damn for eternity for killing God's son
Give all to Jesus for paradise he will give
No more pain or temptation you will have to live
Have faith in his word he will show you the way
And you will soon see it's always a better day
You will be lifted up like a king and see all his glory
Shining brighter than the sun during the morning
He is knocking, so it is time to open the door
And get ready for his coming for you will be with him forever more

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Find favor in me Jesus

Declare Jesus as your savior
Let him hold you up and he will never waiver
In all you do he will comfort you
With every breath let your words confess
He is the son of God the pure white lamb
True and faithful servant the Great I AM
Jesus will set you free from all your misery
He will bring you up when in need
So read his word children and take heed
For he will come like lightening fast as can be
I don't want to be left out and forgot about
I want to shine with his light and tell the world his story
for he deserves every bit of love and all the glory
So when in doubt give it to Christ
For he gave his life for you and was the ultimate sacrifice
I will do what you want Jesus so you don't die in vain
since you walked on earth and flesh you became
You took on the sins of the world and saved the unclean
The 12 disciple's followed you throughout it was foreseen
So why doubt who you are and what you can do
for i know all who don't believe are made to become fools
Find favor in me Jesus let me be humble for you
and be loving and caring in all that I do

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a Thought

Philippians 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves

We always tend to judge each other not knowing the obstacles one has faced in their life time. It is so difficult to act on love rather than feeling. We have 3 parts, we are made in God's image. Our three parts are the flesh, soul(breath of life), spirit(connection to God). People often act upon their flesh and soul. Your soul is constantly trying to feed your flesh, this is why we struggle so much to do what is right. Your 3 parts develop and the more you feed that is when growth takes place. So the more you feed your spirit the closer you are to eternal life with your Savior Jesus. Your soul and flesh will eventually be ignored and your spirit will take over and conquer all.

This is just a thought to ponder on.......

Monday, February 19, 2007

Time to get close

Its time to get close to you Lord
No more waiting
For i know you are eagerly anticipating
Your child is here
You have taken away my fear
I surrender all to you
No more tears
This world is yours
Do what you may
For i am yours here to stay
I will read your word,pray everyday
Give you the glory you rightfully earned
I pass the hat it is now your turn
I'm going to take my eyes off me
And give it all to you
For once i want to walk in your shoes
You be my guide for the road I'm about to take
Let me learn your wisdom and overpower the snake
I love you Jesus for all that you've done
Your my one true truth
My tree of life my endless fruit
So now Jesus I'm all yours
Show me you forever more

Come Lord Jesus Come

Is this what you want for my life
Do i just need to learn the great purpose of sacrifice
Do i lay my heart on the line
So it can be devoured by lions
Do i get nothing in return
So i can see the ultimate discern
Am i the string that holds it together
But feels like it will brake and wont last forever
Do i give up what i crave
And stand here in the pit to be brave
You are the rock that i stand upon during a flood
And you did shed your pure sin free blood
So tell me Lord what is your desire
My heart hurts and burns with love like fire
You paid the price for my lack of faith
I have dreams of you I'm running this race
The world is filled with total disgrace
People will fall while the beast they chase
I don't want this world full of sin
I want to please you and win
Conquer the flesh, let my spirit begin
Oh Lord fill me with all you have
So i can do what's right and make you glad
Show me the way to go on this road
This place we call earth i call home
Let your spirit arise and let my burdens of lack
Be taken away off my back
I want a love i can not have
It's you i need very bad
So open my eyes to your heart Lord
And let your will be done with so much glory
Let me end this disrupted story

Unsatisfied Without You

I'm lost without you Lord
I search for desires that are never satisfied
I have love but feel so unloved
You give me what I need but I want more
My heart aches for flesh
And my desires are a mess
I know you can give me all I need
But why do I choose this love of greed
Everyone takes and I feel left behind
Only when it's others time am i fine
I will choose you first and not the worlds
For you are my strength among all
Why did you give me the people i have
I am distracted by relations that i can not grasp
I know there's a purpose for all things
Please reveal your will to me this day
Love is within me so overpowering
I feel like I'm trapped in a bottle
Braking into pieces my heart is so fragile
So I wait for your timing Lord
For your will to be done
In my life of unhappiness you will surly come
Unsatisfied without you that's what I've become
So I open my eyes to you,in the Light of your SON