Friday, April 27, 2007

Rolling in water with JESUS

Rolling in water with JESUS
this is a dream I had in July of 2006 about JESUS........

I was standing in front of two tall master wooden type doors. There was an angel on the left of me guiding me closer to the door. I did not look to my left but I knew it was an angel and that through the double doors I need to enter. All of a sudden the doors slowly opened with the brightest light you can imagine. But the light was completely harmonious, warm, peaceful, soft, extremly bright with no uncomfortableness at all. In all the brightness I seen an image of a man. It was JESUS standing infront of me. Right then I knew the bright light that shined throughout was HIS glory. JESUS was dressed in a white garment that was to his feet, HE had a gold lach belt on that hung from his waist with streamers on the end of the part that was hanging. He was beautiful, he had clearity and purity in his face unlike I have ever scene. His hair was a light to light medium brown, shoulder length with very small amount of wave to it. When I seen him in front of me I felt the scense that he was waiting for me and was happy that I was finally there with HIM. He reached out for my hand, as I grabbed HIS I instantly knew everything HE was saying and he knew what I was thinking without us speaking aloud. As JESUS and I are holding hands we turn around. We were in a beautiful land high up, I was looking at a large portion of the area from a mountains view. The land we were looking at was the most beautiful I have ever seen, so green and colorful. Peaceful and Perfect is the best way I can discribe where we were. As JESUS is holding my hand he is taking me up to the edge where we were standing and overlooking. I started to get frightened and JESUS begain to speak to me in my mind saying "Have 100 percent faith in me", "Your with me now", "Have full faith". I realized we were going to jump off this high mountain. As I am looking down I see a beautiful lake that is still, so still it looks like a mirrored reflection. As JESUS is holding my hand we walk off the edge as we are falling I started to get frightened and then in my mind JESUS reinsured me and I immediately told my self to have 100 percent faith. The fall was like we were floating down, I was not frightened at all anymore. We landed into the water. As JESUS and I are still holding hands in the water, we were peacefully rolling with the current. JESUS was with me the whole time, the water was the most beautiful color of greens as we are rolling under water a beautiful light was glowing from above and beaming through the water. The water was perfect in tempature.
I feel JESUS was showing me that if you have all faith in me then you will be set free and have peace. You will really see my glory shine if you stay.....

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