Monday, February 19, 2007

Come Lord Jesus Come

Is this what you want for my life
Do i just need to learn the great purpose of sacrifice
Do i lay my heart on the line
So it can be devoured by lions
Do i get nothing in return
So i can see the ultimate discern
Am i the string that holds it together
But feels like it will brake and wont last forever
Do i give up what i crave
And stand here in the pit to be brave
You are the rock that i stand upon during a flood
And you did shed your pure sin free blood
So tell me Lord what is your desire
My heart hurts and burns with love like fire
You paid the price for my lack of faith
I have dreams of you I'm running this race
The world is filled with total disgrace
People will fall while the beast they chase
I don't want this world full of sin
I want to please you and win
Conquer the flesh, let my spirit begin
Oh Lord fill me with all you have
So i can do what's right and make you glad
Show me the way to go on this road
This place we call earth i call home
Let your spirit arise and let my burdens of lack
Be taken away off my back
I want a love i can not have
It's you i need very bad
So open my eyes to your heart Lord
And let your will be done with so much glory
Let me end this disrupted story


Jim Swindle said...

Thanks for sharing your passionate poem, and for commenting on my blog.

Leia said...

Great work.