Thursday, March 1, 2007

Through the Struggles

We all tend to struggle
It always seems like the hardships just double
When where at our lowest point
Is when the Lord gives us the true anoint
Don't be discouraged for we all fall
Just get right back up and stand tall
Many will judge with no true right at all
But remember God is the only one who will judge us all
He will comfort you to the fullest
And make you warm when you're the coldest
So even though you feel your lowest
To him your sin is not noticed
Your heart will conquer all and he knows it
Try not to focus on the bad and remember his love
For he loves you so much he gave his innocent blood
Just for you down deep you know it's true
The snake wants Gods children to take
So he gives you people that are disrupted and fake
Draw closer to Jesus and he promises he will never forsake
We will all fall shortThat's when we have to learn from our mistakes
So now is the time for God let us not hesitate
It will only get worse the further we are
Time goes by so fast soon we will be so far
Away from our Lord Jesus Christ
Let's not let his death be a vain sacrifice
For he loves you, you're his child
When you ask for an inch he gives a mile
So don't be lied to by the one
Who is damn for eternity for killing God's son
Give all to Jesus for paradise he will give
No more pain or temptation you will have to live
Have faith in his word he will show you the way
And you will soon see it's always a better day
You will be lifted up like a king and see all his glory
Shining brighter than the sun during the morning
He is knocking, so it is time to open the door
And get ready for his coming for you will be with him forever more

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