Sunday, February 25, 2007

Find favor in me Jesus

Declare Jesus as your savior
Let him hold you up and he will never waiver
In all you do he will comfort you
With every breath let your words confess
He is the son of God the pure white lamb
True and faithful servant the Great I AM
Jesus will set you free from all your misery
He will bring you up when in need
So read his word children and take heed
For he will come like lightening fast as can be
I don't want to be left out and forgot about
I want to shine with his light and tell the world his story
for he deserves every bit of love and all the glory
So when in doubt give it to Christ
For he gave his life for you and was the ultimate sacrifice
I will do what you want Jesus so you don't die in vain
since you walked on earth and flesh you became
You took on the sins of the world and saved the unclean
The 12 disciple's followed you throughout it was foreseen
So why doubt who you are and what you can do
for i know all who don't believe are made to become fools
Find favor in me Jesus let me be humble for you
and be loving and caring in all that I do

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