Friday, March 2, 2007

Christina Hancock: Come Lord Jesus Come

Christina Hancock: Come Lord Jesus Come- This site has some Poems for Jesus, thoughts to ponder on, great links to music artist/good christian books/important and informative links for Christ, great pictures showing God's creation and much more...........Feel free to comment or send me an email with any feed back you may have....Thank you for visiting and may the Lord fill your life with his purpose for you.....


Kerry Dale Hancock Jr said...

We have come so far that we can now realize the importance of living for today and this very moment. I pray that we will center everything around Jesus Christ in order to magnify His wonderful glory. This world as we know it has nothing worthy of the things which are to come through the power of our Father and Lord; God Almighty. Let our trust reflect our faith in Jesus Christ.

We pray for Pastor Mike Baumgart and his family that the Lord will provide strength and mercy and allow this time to bring the body closer in faith. Thank you Lord for your faithful servants. We also pray for Joshua Palmer and his family. Lord please allow a quick and spiritual recovery from the inside - out of Josh. We ask these things Lord according to your will in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN

I love you Christina for everything that you gave to Christ.

Glory to God,

Kerry Dale Hancock Jr
messenger in CHRIST

Catherine said...

Christina, it looks like you have quite a blog ministry going - the pictures of creation are beautiful. Thank you.

Thanks for visitng my site and posting the link to your own!

Stine said...

Thanks for visiting. What beautiful pictures you have.

MistahCharley said...

Christina - are these poems by you? Or are you quoting someone?

If you are writing them yourself, perhaps you might consider turning them into song lyrics, either on your own or with a collaborator.

May the Peace of Christ be with you.

Christina Hancock said...

Hi Mistah,
Yes these are my own writings and actually "Your the One" was written to a beat...Good eye! Thanks for your comment...

Humble yourself in the site of the Lord and He shall lift you up. James 5:10