Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Giving Thanks to Jesus

Giving Thanks to Jesus

I have realize over the last month how amazing God is for constantly accepting my self absorption. I finally decide to give my life to Christ and realize I am doing it wrong in a sense. I want to pray to God, read his word and worship him daily but why do I always tend to use the great "I" word in all "I" do? For example...... I find my prayers wanting and receiving but not always giving to Him. When I read the bible why do I feel like God has to show me something or I have to get something out of it. When I sing to him have you ever felt like you were not feeling the Holy Spirit at any time?
But through this all, I know the right way is to read, pray and worship. So what is not all glorious about what I am doing or how I am doing it? Because in all we do is to give back to God, to let his glory shine for His purpose not our own. So what now??
I have decided to continue my prayers, reading the bible and worshipping my Jesus but I have set a time in the day for His glory and His thanksgiving only.. God knows in order for us to do his purpose, His will we need to be like Christ in all we do. The only way that is possible is through the strength of our Father, Son and the comforter(Holy Spirit). We can not do anything of God's will if it was not for his touch in our lives. So I know it is crucial for us to pray for the needs we have for we are God's children and he wants us to go to Him for all things.
But for me to separate my prayers, worship and reading strictly for Him and not me is Glorious. To pray only for all the reasons why I love Him and am thank full for what He has done in my life. From the world and the way he created it to the person I am and who He has given me. All things. To be able to sing to Him and for Him only is joyful. To read the bible to see his love, grace, mercy and all the goodness He has. To pray to Jesus to let him know how great He is in all is much pleasure. Just to be able to give back and not always take from our giving God Almighty is so wonderful!!

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Kerry Dale Hancock Jr said...

You are so right. This is what makes faith so powerful because we are giving God our trust in Him. Those who are most faithful are most blessed in God's Glory.